How to store medicines correctly

A survey of the correct storage of drugs often occurs after an illness – the drug remains, and it needs to be put somewhere. Often people do not think about how to properly store medicines, Some basic rules will help you determine how to store a particular drug. Make sure that everything is stored correctly – after all, if it is not properly preserved, the next reception may be more harmful than good.

Here are some useful Instruction :

for use that it tells what conditions are needed for a particular drug. Do not neglect the phrases “in a cool, dry place” or “keep out of direct sunlight.” Remember: windowsill and elsewhere are the most inappropriate places for storing medicines. If the instructions say to store at room temperature, this means a range of 15 to 25 ° C. If a cool place is indicated, then a range of 5 to 15 ° C is needed. In this situation, a refrigerator is suitable .

Packaging rules and requirements for storage location :

Where medicines will be stored, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Suitable temperature conditions. Lack of excess moisture and dampness
  2. Lack of excess moisture and dampness
  3. Should not be exposed to sunlight and ultraviolet light..

The following requirements apply to the drugs themselves:

  1. Undamaged packaging.
  2. The integrity of the drug itself. It is strictly forbidden to store half a tablet or an opened ampoule.
  3. Compliance with the expiration dates. It should be checked periodically and unused drugs should be thrown away. Even if the delay is small (1 month), you can get serious poisoning.

If these parameters have not been met, taking such drugs is prohibited. If stored improperly, they could lose their properties and acquire completely different ones.

How to store drugs in the refrigerator :

If the drug needs to be stored in a cool place, a refrigerator is chosen for this. It is strictly forbidden to store medications in it, on which there are no instructions to place them in a cool place – they will change their properties!

When placing drugs in the refrigerator, remember :

  1. They must be protected from moisture. Choose a suitably sized hermetically sealed food box to save money and put your medicines into it.
  2. Protect the medicine from moisture. Even if they are stored in a box, wrap them in a plastic bag beforehand. Even the smallest amount of moisture will make them unusable.
  3. Place the box away from the freezer. Remember: near the freezer, the temperature can drop below +5.
  4. Under no circumstances should the medicines freeze.

Follow these guidelines for storing medicines for your health!

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