This is why you should avoid a brush

Do you know by changing your classic brush with a wide-tooth brush going to improve your hair health, those are my personal steps :
  • Wait till your hair is dry ahead of combing or brushing, besides when making use of conditioner.
  • Wait till your hair is dry earlier than combing or brushing, besides when making use of conditioner.
  • Comb or brush from the last ends up.
  • Use smooth, free ponytail holders for the shape that you want them. Avoid using rubber, which breaks hair and causes harm
  • Preserve your hair from the weather by covering it with a hat.
  • Use silk or satin pillowcases.
  • Trim your hair each six to eight weeks to maintain ends healthful.
  • Wash your hair much less typically and use moderate temperature, not hot, water.
  •  Don’t towel dry your hair, due to a fragile state when it’s wet. As a substitute, blot moist hair with a towel. There are towels available on the market particularly made to dry hair rapidly.
  •  Eat nutrient-rich meals that promote nutritious pores and skin and hair.
  • Apply shampoo to the scalp, and wash your scalp in small round motions to extend blood move.
  •  Gently squeeze out any extra water earlier than making use of the conditioner.
  • Apply conditioner and comb by way of with a wide-tooth comb.
  • Clear your hairbrushes and combs commonly

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